Unpleasant Twisted Cynic's-ville

Been away, been busy, done some thinkin’; came back to revamp.

Haven’t updated this portal to my deepest of thoughts in quite a while, mostly because I’ve been caught up with other things. The reason for this re-visitation is simple, I’m going re-launch The ‘Ville. That’s right, the cobwebs and grout-ridden crevices have been cleaned, and its time for a little change, and this time for the better.  This time we’re (I’m) changing our (my) format and maximizing this our product (my blog).

I’ve decided to point the content of this blog a little more towards my graphic design work and illustrations, but don’t despair (this goes to my legion of readers, all .0001 of them), I won’t be cutting down on the self-gratifying diatribes about the world as I know it. I mean this IS a blog, is it not? Remember that here at The ‘Ville “We serve our questionable and self-serving (no pun intended) content as hot as the fryer will allow it!”

So with that said, cyberspace has been warned! Another blog centered around self absorbed commentary is about to become more business oriented…just that without the yuppie attitudes and drudgery that tends to be associated with the doings of serious business.  And those who know me are very well aware that I am in the cuttingest of edges when it comes to the workings of modern business.

So ladies and germs, I’m glad to re-welcome you The ‘Ville; a place where you can check out some cool design, and if you’re so inclined, you can hire me so I can do some cool design for you.

So welcome to your little slice of cyber-heaven in cyberspace.

The ‘Ville: no hellish load-times (if you’ve a fast connection.) 


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