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“Grim Reaper’s Day Off”

As of late I’ve been completely consumed and highly inspired by “Kustom Kulture” and early 40’s illustrations. A sideline fan, well more like a cheerleader of/for Hot Rod culture, a lot of my drawings have always been influenced by the aesthetics pertaining to said movement. Try as I may, I can’t really put my finger on it but it definitely has a certain alluring subversiveness to it.

I’ve always looked to guys like Ed Roth (The Master), Tex Avery (The Ultimate Creator), John K., John Holmstrom, and of course Coop for inspiration and mainly guidelines. Humbling as it may be, no matter how many times I drool over Rat Fink and/or split my sides laughing while watching “Deputy Droopy“, one thing is for sure, I can always take something from what they’ve done.

I’d say that this new piece was done in the spirit of rendering tribute to these fine folks. All incredibly subversive and maniacally poignant in the delivery of their artwork.

With that said I leave you with, “Grim Reaper’s Day Off.”

Grim Reaper's Day Off

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sir you continue to amaze me… i had not seen all these designs. awesome!

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