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Coop posters are in the mail!

I’m a huge Coop fan, I mean who isn’t. Aside from being a drummer and an illustrator, I’m also a big poster collector. I recently stumbled upon a couple of gems browsing throug some art galleries online.
I recently acquired some original Coop prints, all hand printed (silkscreen), all hand numbered, all signed by Coop himself. It was a bit of a task finding mint prints, but in the end my search was extremely fruitful.
The first piece to arrive was from Posterpop.com, an online gallery out of Huntington Beach. After a couple of e-mails and some bargaining I arrived at a pretty decent price for the piece I was after, a Green Day/Riverdales Coop poster. Being the huge fan of both bands that I am, you can imagine what special place this piece held (and still holds) in my materialistic little heart. What made it even more special was the fact that I attended one of the shows during that the tour the poster had been done for (December 2, 1996 West Palm Beach Auditorium, absolutely unforgettable show). This particular I purchased one was #75 of a run of 1450, the colors on this thing are amazing, the picture below does no justice to the poster. I always shoot for the lower digits.

The second one to arrive at my post box was piece done for a show at the legendary Trocadero featuring The Go-Nuts, Phantom Surfers, and The Hi-Fives. Awesome illustration and visual content not withstanding, this one is pretty neat because all the bands featured on the piece are from the Lookout! Records roster. Also, according to Coop’s book “Devil’s Advocate” one of the bands was upset because one of the dominatrixes shown on the poster landed slightly on top of their name. I figure this would be The Phantom Surfers. Another fun fact, the alien bird that appears in the middle of the poster was inspired by the 60′s equivalent of Furby (the thing’s name escapes me at the moment). This one is #564 of a run of 600.

Today I received a third one from L’Imagerie Gallery, these guys are based out of Hollywood California, they also have an awesome selection of original prints as well as the greatest customer service on the planet. Be sure to talk to Debi, she was incredibly diligent and very helpful. Thanks again Debi, you rule!
The poster looks amazing, it was printed on heavy stock (like all of the one I bought) and the robot illustrations on it were colored using metallic plastisol which looks beautiful, they even shimmer a little when you walk across it.
Unconsciously, I’ve been after this poster for over 12-13 years, since the first time I saw it when I was still living in New York City in the bathroom of my favorite tex-mex restaurant (Blockheads). I remember being absolutely awe-struck as I stood before the Blockheads pisser, piece in hand, thinking to myself “what a fucking cool looking poster! Why is this not in the dining area for the rest of the patrons to marvel at?”. Ever since that moment the image stuck with me and only saw it again in books related to its author. Back then I was vaguely familiar with Coop’s work, I only knew him from the Ramone’s “We’re Outta Here” box-set cover and the infamous Coop Devils. Years passed and I became a better person as I was turned on to and embraced the work of this masterful artist whom has now come to influence a large part of my aesthetic inclinations. This one is #378 of a run of 700. The Aquabats are pretty neat too.

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