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Smokin’ Hot Space Dykes from Planet Twat

I can already smell the burning torches and the rallied mobs. That’s the title of the post and I suppose I’ll be sticking with it. I know its pretty offensive, so I’m gonna ask you to cut me a little slack. Female friends of mine and feminists I’m looking in your direction. C’mon, its not like I’m drawing Nazis or nothing-oh, wait… scratch that.

These two lovely ladies are part of a character design project I’ve decided to take on for an upcoming comic strip. Un PC and misogynistic as it undoubtedly is, I’m pretty sure that’s also going to be the title of said strip, “Smokin’ Hot Space Dykes from Planet Twat”. Entertainingly presented in all its amateurishly drawn flare, I can promise you that it’ll be funny in an offbeat and tasteless sort of way.

The story line is as campy and Ed Wood-a-fied as humanly possible; two smokin’ straight girls (at least I think they’re smokin’) are lost in space, forced to depend exclusively on each other. Because of the circumstantial co-depencecy they’ve developed a slightly homosexual relationship over time. I’d say that this premise is absolute Pulp gold, Fredric Brown eat your heart out. I plan on making this strip more dialogue oriented than anything, but I won’t skimp on the occasional zapping of aliens and other ne’er do wells. Oh, and don’t think they’re dressed to the nines in dominatrix gear for nothing, no sir, that stuff all has its purpose. You’ll find out soon enough.

Space Dykes

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