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Switchin’ it up with da mixed media; Cowboys n’ Zombies

This one’s a little different, I rarely venture into the realms of “mixed media” but what the heck.
An obvious wink and nod (is that possible, an “obvious wink and nod”) to the infallible as well as impeccable Garry Larson format, here I leave you with “Every Sherif Gets Eated(sic) by a Hungry Zombie.”
A colleague of mine asked why I forgot to give the Zombie a shadow; well, I didn’t forget, it was very much intentional. Why? You ask. Seeing as how the Zombie looks somewhat vampire-esque, I’d say this is probably the re-animated carcass of some kind of vampire, hence the absence of a shadow. But what’s a vampire/zombie doing out in the old west? Well, maybe you should ask yourself why you’re trying so hard to find sense in an illustration of a Cowboy that is about to meet his maker through the aid of Zombie brain munching.

"Not as quick as you'd like..."

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Ramones, Murder, and Youtube.

During my daily news-read, I came across this very disturbing article about Linda Stein’s (Ramones’ manager at one point) murder, something I hadn’t the slightest knowledge of.
Linda Stein worked with the Ramones for many years before going into real estate, and was responsible for booking the band’s infamous appearance in London’s Roundhouse in 1976, which turned out to be one of the most pivotal moments in the band’s career, if not the most; an event that defined the future of punk rock. I
won’t go into a long-winded diatribe about the origins of punk rock, but I will say this: The Ramones created and defined punk rock, Malcolm Mclaren just found a way to massively cash in on it.