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Illustration: Hobo-bot and Greasegoat

These two pieces were done at a different time, but I’ll post ’em here side by side. I’ve got tons of old work that could use some posting!
This first one (below) is my depiction of what I imagine would be a Robot’s reaction when faced with some form of heartbreak. Circuits shorting out, blown fuses, lots of “Premium Oil” (as shown on the can he appears to be drinking out of) consumption, pretty heavy stuff. Judging from the somewhat cold expression on his (assuming that its a male robot) face he’s pretty broke too. Meet Hobo-bot, vagrant automaton extraordinaire, heart broken wonderer of all places unholy and misserable. No satchel carrying and/or hitching of rides for this guy; robots usually have some kind of transportational(sic) ability that facilitates the transporting of self with some degree of ease, this also includes whatever items the robot in question may have at the time of transport.
Lovesick Automaton

This one here (below) was a T-Shirt design I put together for a punk rock band from the Republic of Panama. Its a smokin’-greaser goat. I think I may have broken new ground here, why with the pairing of a goat and greaser aesthetics… or maybe not.
No Ley Goat

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