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Flyer it up!

Here’s a recent flyer series I did for Factor VIII; look closely and you might see Dee Dee Ramone somewhere.
I think I may be silk screening these at some point, I just gotta find the time to do it in. Free time has been somewhat of a rare luxury as of late, aw crud! Funny how this can really crap on your personal life… but that’s a whole other blog entry I most likely won’t get around to writing.

Grim Reaper's Day Off Factor VIII Flyer

Factor VIII Flyer

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June 30, 2008, 2:20 pm
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Some very recent “work”; more coming soon.


Panama Drum Fest ’08 featured Frojax

After a month of non-stop rehearsing at our (Factor VIII’s) rehearsal space, last Saturday (1/5/08), I participated in the 2nd annual Panama Drum Fest. I had the honor of sharing the stage with other fine percussionist from right here in Panama, as well as from around the globe, most notably Billy Cobham. The idea of shelling out a solo right before a living legend such as Mr. Cobham was a bit intimidating, but in the end things turned out well.
I guess the reason as to why I never wrote about this here at the ‘ville was because sometimes I was a bit consumed by the irregularly long hours of practice in preparation for the festival (4-7 hours a day, five/six days a week from mid November to January 5), another thing was that I was in the studio by myself most of the time for extended periods. Something that can be equally as pleasant as it is “cabin fever” inducing. On a normal rehearsal schedule (w/o Factor VIII), I only run through stuff for 1-2 hours a day 4-5 days a week.
In short: by the time I’d get home I’d be pretty fried and hardly in the mood to talk about drum related happenings.
Aside from some minor monitor issues the day of the performance, the festival was a smash and everyone seemed pleased with the performances given by all the artists.

*I truly apologize to anyone that noticed that at the end of my set I didn’t acknowledge your applause with some kind of wave or bow. As I walked out of the stage door this was pointed out to me by my brother Chris. All I could say was “Oops!”
The reason I didn’t follow my performance with a bow was just due to a minor case of nerves. I don’t normally get on stage without my usual gang of primates (FVIII) serving as a barrier to take the brunt of any public scrutiny. FVIII’s absense caused me to storm off the stage in somewhat of a nervous little run/walk; I really hope that my absent mindedness didn’t bum anybody out. Thanks to everyone that came out, next time I’ll bow two-fold.

I’d like to credit the talented Jaime Anibal de Leon with doing a great job on stage as well as for putting together a great festival. I’d also like to thank my dear friend Omar “Mole” Torres (from the band Propiedad Privada) and his masterful bass chops for helping me put the solo together, also for just being an all around soldier during the past couple of weeks.

Here are some pictures:

John Frochaux @ Panama Drum Fest ‘08

John Frochaux @ Panama Drum Fest ‘08

John Frochaux @ Panama Drum Fest ‘08

John Frochaux @ Panama Drum Fest ‘08

John Frochaux @ Panama Drum Fest ‘08

John Frochaux @ Panama Drum Fest ‘08

John Frochaux @ Panama Drum Fest ‘08

John Frochaux @ Panama Drum Fest ‘08

The Merry X-mas Men

As we enter that time of year where a person’s self-worth is measured by how fast he/she can max out their newly approved credit cards; my somewhat-twin cousins and myself have decided to add more glitter to the mass hysteria by posting an x-mas “card” (or message) here at the ‘ville. Just to remind everyone of what Christmas is really about: good attitudes, nice shirts, odd ties, and distant relatives.

ARCADE UPDATE #1: Mail order madness

Finally, after some anticipation, the parts needed to build the arcade’s control panel arrived today; so far I’ve only been able to create a not so very detailed mockup of the controls. Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll have this part of the project chopped, cased, and hooked up to the working computer (which I’ve yet to put together). I’d say that I’m hardly off to a “start” of any kind; the buttons and joysticks are still in their plastic packaging along with the PS/2 chip.
On the other hand, its good to already have the greater part of the components needed to start the project on my side of the court. Now if I can only find some time for a Ground Breaking Ceremony.



Tools: a pale new dawn

Just last week my toilet attempted to take a midnight wiz all over my apartment and I was brought down to my knees (literally) to tightly hold a metal tube that had been punctured by fluctuating water pressure for the greater part of an hour. Fifty minutes and a nightmarish leg cramp after, the plumber showed up and fixed my disobedient plumbing with the daintiest twist of a wrench. Our minuit affair ended in a $100 plumbing bill. After an otherwise restful night, I decided that some changes had to be made.
There comes a time in every man’s life when some things need to be decided upon; things such as a insurance providers, appropriate coverage, weight loss, dieting, 70’s Ramones vs 80’s Ramones, arcade cabinet building, and marriage. But before any of the aforementioned queries can be tackled, a man must have the correct tools to successfully run life’s four-minute mile; in other words what is a man without tools? I’m hardly speaking metaphorically here folks, I don’t mean tools as in knowledge and/or intellectual well roundedness when standing on one of life’s proverbial cross roads. I’m talking about the galvanized and iron foundered tools you buy at the hardware store. Tools that, when used skillfully, posses the power to turn you into the handiest of men.
Today I crossed one of life’s portals, thus leading me into another facet of pseudo-adulthood. Today I maximized an aspect of my life… today I purchased my first complete toolbox, and I’ll point out that this wasn’t a pre-assembled set, no sir! My toolbox was strategically hand picked tool by tool by yours truly. Carefully tailored and designed to cater to any household situations and/or malfunction that may need the attention of variant degrees of brawn, craftiness, and of course tools.
While shopping for said toolbox, I took some things into consideration like; durability, usability, and stainless steel vs. other metals (i.e. When threatening someone with a hand-tool, a stainless steel wrench has more of an effective visual effect than a metal one because of the former’s polished finish. If faced with having to actually carrying out said threat you run the risk losing your tool; a metal wrench has a lower opportunity cost than one made of stainless steel. Conclusion: stainless steel is best for threats and impressing other kin folk, and in comparison metal is more expendable as far as cost go).
Once I had chosen all of my pliers, socket wrenches, and general tool-ery I made my way to the front checkout a paid. As I walked to the car toolbox in-hand, my innards rewarded with the feeling you get when you know you’ve acted efficiently. My gut echoed “John, this was a wise purchase”.
Upon my arrival at the apartment I praised myself for having done well, and proceeded to call family members and friends alike to indirectly inform them of my current status of Toolbox Owner/Craftyman.


Groundings, “Santa’s”, and e-mail

While my parents boxed the trinkets and furniture from their Florida home in preparation for their end of the month move to Central America, my father found this:

Deal with the kids

A contract made by my brother and myself dating back to December of ’93 that reads exactly as follows:
“December 4 1993
if you take us to Santa’s we promise we will behaive if we dont you mai ground us for a month
expires January 1
Christophe Frochaux
John Frochaux”

You can tell that contrary to my earmark, my brother had already established a working signature long before he penned up this here agreement, though I will say that it’s pretty endearing to see my infantile attempt at creating a signature just for the occasion. If you examine my signature (the one on the bottom) you’ll find that many of the elements found on Chris’ J. Hancock can be found in mine; it almost appears as if I’m using Chris’ as a template for signature making. Cue the “endeared public” sigh.
By “Santa’s” we were referring to a somewhat popular Miami theme park (fittingly named “Santa’s Enchanted Forest”) that opens every year during the x-mas holidays.
In hindsight, this really paints my parents as severe and overly strict reactionary-types (something they aren’t in the least). Seems like the only way we could manage to obtain a trip to the theme park was through documented bargaining; I mean, a month of unspecified punishment in exchange for a trip to the amusement park? Talk about all the eggs in a single basket, you’d think “Santa’s” was made of candy that made you grow wings and video games.
I’m sure I objected to offering this sort of collateral, but my brother has always been known to drive a pretty solid bargain so I’m sure I caved after one of his often-persuasive speeches, I’m pretty sure that in a passed life Chris was a Snake Oil salesman in the old west.

In the end I do remember going to “Santa’s” that year and really getting a kick out of it. Over the years I grew, and like many things when you grow, “Santa’s” progressively lost a good amount of its luster; I began to notice the carnies, the people, the allowance factor, and before I knew it the desire to attend “Santa’s” had just faded, only leaving behind entertainingly written contracts for my father to e-mail other folks in the future.

Thanks dad.